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    Thursday, 26 July 2018 10:10

    What to choose: A Website builder or professionally designed websites

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    How website Builders Gained Currency?

    With the advent of website builders such as Squarespace, Wix, Weebly and likes, there arose a question in the digital market-- Why bother about pricey website designers?

    To start with, it is to be made very clear that website builders built websites which are hosted on their server. This has a clear implication.

    The ownership of the website would not be singular or exclusive. One wonders why people choose to forego their exclusive ownership to a website builder, nevertheless. The answer is plain marketing or incentives. It’s free. For instance Wix presents a free website design proposition but the caveat is that your website address will have to have Wix’s signature on the URL, it will look like, for instance: If that is something that you are not very sensitive about and find it fair for a free service provider highlights its name then there are other issues which will convince you that the very nature of website builders predisposes them to become ordinary.

    First thing first, the myth of economy of website builders falls apart when in couple of months you end up paying more than what you would have paid had you subscribed to a professional website builder. Furthermore website builders’ appetite for publicity does not satiate with only that. They will device a pop up on your website as advertisements without bothering about your inconveniences.

    When website builders and professional website designing compete, there are other factors that emerge --

    Website Builders and SEO

    According to the facts that website designed by website builder tools don’t fare well in comparison with professional websites in search engines. Google analytics’ purposeful usage gets limited in the case of website builder.

    What different does a professional website designer make?

    Professional website designers worth their salt are capable of grasping and appreciating the business and create, review, revisit and customize the website for increased conversions.

    Website designers adept in their craft can give an edge to the website Vis-a Vis the competitors. Modalities to accomplish this edge in the choc-a-bloc market can be ingenuous designing or appealing remodelling of the website, which of course a template can’t do.

    Website builders’ Opportunity Cost liability

    The Opportunity cost must factors in while calculating the profit ended up not getting it. It brings forth a picture showing that website builders are economical is a myth.

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